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Care and Use of Alloy Chain Slings

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Care and Use of Alloy Chain Slings

Before inspecting and using your sling, clean the chainAlloy Chain sling care & use so that defects can be easily seen. When chain slings are in storage, they should be oiled to prevent corrosion and hung so that chains do not knot or twist together.

  • Slings should be hitched so that they control the load.
  • All sharp edges in contact with the sling should have padded material of sufficient strength to protect the sling.
  • Only shorten or adjust the sling by methods approved by the manufacturer.
  • Alert personnel to possible snagging of sling.
  • The sling should not be constricted or pinched by the load, hook, or any fitting.
  • Make sure the load applied to the hook is centered in the base of the hook.
  • Do not rest loads on the sling.
  • Do not pull a sling from under a load when the load is resting on the sling.
  • Do not allow shock loading of the sling.
  • Always avoid twisting and kinking the chain sling

Environmental/Chemical Factors

  • Avoid using acid solutions which can alter its molecular structure and strength.
  • Excessive low or high temperatures can reduce the performance of chain slings.
  • Normal operating temperatures are -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

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