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Difference Between Recovery and Tow Straps

Difference Between Recovery and Tow Straps, Recovery Straps, Tow Straps -

Difference Between Recovery and Tow Straps

We frequently get asked about the difference between tow straps and recovery straps  so we thought we'd address this question.

Recovery Straps vs. Tow Straps
Left: Tow Strap; Right: Recovery Strap

A recovery strap is made with nylon fabrication so that it stretches similar to a rubber band. It provides some give to “recover” a stuck vehicle while a tow strap can tow a disabled vehicle to another location yet has no “give.” In addition, most tow straps come with hooks at the end. Recovery straps do not and should not be used with hooks because it will reduce the capacity of the strap.

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