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How to Attach a Vehicle Recovery Strap

How to Attach a Vehicle Recovery Strap, How to Attach a Vehicle..., Recovery Straps -

How to Attach a Vehicle Recovery Strap

When attaching a recovery strap to a vehicle, you should pass one end of the strap through the loop at the other end to secure it.

NEVER use a knot or additional hardware to attach it.

DO NOT attach it another vehicle in a way that it may be cut or damaged.

The reason we say not to attach hardware is that you have to make sure it is DOUBLE the breaking strength of the strap so that it doesn't break when you begin to pull out the vehicle.

For recommendations on what type of hardware to use, please call our Sales Reps at (877) 670-3130. They will assist you in the safest option.

When using your recovery strap, DRIVE VERY SLOWLY when pulling the vehicle out. Sudden tugs may lead to damage to either vehicle or the strap. A tarp may also be used ON TOP of the recovery strap as a safeguard. If by chance the strap should break, the tarp will slow the recovery strap down before it can cause damage.