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Recovery Straps With Private Labeling

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Recovery Straps With Private Labeling

At Wrecker Supply USA we fabricate all of our recovery straps, alloy chain slings, winch straps and ratchet straps in-house. We are now offering private labeling OEM for repeat volume users who would like custom information on each tag such as their company name, logo and barcode. The order minimum for private labeling is 36 pieces and up.

Benefits of Private Labeling

  • Keep control of your slings at the jobsite.
  • Reduce or eliminate sling losses.

Label Types/Sizes

  • Recovery straps 2" wide and above have a material tag.
  • Chain slings have 1-1/2" x 4-1/4", 16 gauge stainless steel tag.

To upload your logo and provide company information, use our Contact Form. For more information and pricing, contact Bill Conley at 877-670-3130.

NOTE: Returns will only be authorized due to errors by the seller in product and/or quantity shipped. Refunds are not available for custom or private labeling orders.