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Wrecker Supply USA Has Launched!


Rod Fisk
WiscoLift, Inc.


WiscoLift Launches Wrecker Supply USA
Products for the Towing and Wrecker Service Industries

GREENVILLE, WI –WiscoLift’s new division Wrecker Supply USA manufactures high quality products for the towing and wrecker service industries. WiscoLift has forty-two years of experience in web sling alloy chain sling and winch cable manufacturing and testing.

“With our long history manufacturing products for overhead lifting and material handling it is a logical and natural extension of our business to manufacture similar products for the towing and wrecker service industries,” says Rod Fisk, President. “Companies can expect products with the same high quality, performance and safety that our material handling customers receive.”

WreckerSupplyUSA.com launched on September 2nd with heavy duty recovery straps, winch cables, extensions, alloy chain slings and hooks. Additional products will be added monthly.

For specific product information, please email csr@wreckersupplyusa.com or call Rod Fisk at 877-670-3130.