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Round Slings

Our polyester round slings offer excellent protection unlike other sling types. They generally do not mar or scratch machined surfaces and are equally suited for use on other delicate surfaces. Care should be taken to ensure that no foreign materials, which may induce scratches or other damage, are present in the sling body. Kit includes matching capacity hooks and wear pads.


Polyester has a low water absorption rate, making it flexible, light, and easy to handle even after prolonged soaking in water. While they show excellent resistance to most mildew and fungus, dirt that accumulates on slings may support their growth, and that\'s why regular cleaning is very important.

Inspect your roundsling before each use since tensile strength may decrease with each use. Roundslings should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place.

  • Do not shorten or lengthen roundsling by twisting or knotting.
  • Roundslings should be hitched in a manner providing control of the load.
  • Use wear pads/sling protectors if round sling will come in contact with sharp edges, corners, protrusions or abrasive surfaces.

  • Avoid shock loading.

  • When lifting in a basket hitch, the legs of the sling should contain or support the load from the sides, above the center of gravity, so that the load remains under control.