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Endless Type Web Sling, 2-Ply, Cap 5000-76,800 Lbs

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Web slings offer excellent load protection for rigging/lifting operations. Unlike other sling types, they generally do not mar or scratch machined surfaces. They are equally suited for use on other delicate surfaces. Care should be taken to ensure that no foreign materials, which may induce scratches or other damage, are present in the sling body.


  • Slings can be used in a choker, vertical or basket hitch
  • Most versatile and widely used type because they adapt easily to numerous applications
  • Rotation of the wear surface increases life expectancy
  • Do not exceed rated capacities.
Sling widths available up to 12". For larger width and length, call 800-242-3477 or email us at csr@wreckersupplyusa.com.