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Lift Beam, Low Headroom Adjustable with Top Ring and Shackles, Capacities 2000-80,000 Lbs

Pricing not yet available. Please call 877-670-3130 for price.

These adjustable length lifting / spreader bars are painted and stored in stock in safety yellow for increased visibility. Custom bars are also available in any Sherwin-Williams paint palette. Allow additional 4-6 week lead time and extra charge for special pigment.

Adjustable Lifting Beam includes proof-loaded certification paperwork. Ideal for heavy duty lifting of large vehicles.

Lifting Beam with low headroom and adjustableLift Beam Adjustable with low headroom - chart


  • Lifting / Spreader Bar has quick and easy adjustment for unbalanced loads
  • Ideally suited for low headroom applications
  • Top Ring and Hooks included
  • Made in U.S.A.

Spreader Bar for Crane  Most capacities and spans available to ship within 1 week of placing your order. Please call to verify.

For more information, please call our Sales Representative at 877-670-3130 or email us at csr@wreckersupplyusa.com.