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Polyester Round Slings Kit, Incl. Hooks, Wear Pads & Carrying Bag

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Our polyester round slings offer excellent protection unlike other sling types. They generally do not mar or scratch machined surfaces and are equally suited for use on other delicate surfaces. Care should be taken to insure that no foreign materials, which may induce scratches or other damage, are present in the sling body. Kit includes matching capacity hooks and wear pads.


  • Polyester round slings are used in all styles of sling hitches
  • Double wall cover protects load-bearing fiber from damage and cover abrasion
  • Round slings are color coded by capacity
  • Lightweight and pliable
  • Conform to the shape of the load to grip securely
  • Capacity: 4,800 lbs. per round sling (choker hitch)
  • Kit includes 4 Round Slings, 4 Matching Capacity Hooks, 4 Wear Pads, and Wrecker Supply Bag.

For information on custom round sling lengths, please email our Customer Service Representative at csr@wreckersupplyusa.com.