Ratchet Strap with Wide Handle Ratchet and Flat Hook 2" x 27 Feet

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Our vehicle ratchet straps are made with high quality webbing, 2" wide x 27' long with a wide handle ratchet and flat hooks. For added protection, use wear pads since ratchet straps can get damaged when using on rough or sharp objects. 


  • Ideal for tightening your load/cargo
  • Holds load/cargo in position without movement
  • Working Load Limit is 3,335 Lbs


  • Do not use on fragile materials that could get crushed
  • Be cautious if using with a cheater bar since increasing the leverage on a ratchet buckle could cause it to break and cause serious injury.

If you would like additional information on our hook ratchet straps, please contact our Customer Service Representative at 877-670-3130 or email csr@wreckersupplyusa.com.