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Snatch Block w/Chain & Locking Grab Hook

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Our superior snatch block assembly includes Grade 100 chain, the Green Pin® Snatch Block S, a lightweight snatch block type 601S with a Green Pin® Shackle attached. All sizes of the Green Pin® Snatch Block S have a smooth, uninterrupted pull due to conical roller bearings. Its coating ensures long-term durability, even under harsh conditions. 

Our locking grab hook is grade 100/XL with Locking Pin, extra wide chain bed and has no W.L.L. reduction during operation Complies with EN 12195-3 and DIN 5692 - approved. Blue powder coated RAL 5002 100% mag particle tested with a design factor of 4:1.


  • Grade 100 chain and components.
  • Grab hook with safety device.
  • Each assembly is proof tested before shipping.
  • Proof test certificate included with each assembly.

For more information, contact us at csr@wreckersupply.com.