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Ratchet Straps Tutorial

How to use Ratchet Straps, Ratchet Straps Tutorial -

Ratchet Straps Tutorial

Ratchet Straps are one of the best ways to keep your cargo tied down because the ratchet on the strap allows you to get a tightly secure hold.

Your strap has 2 parts: the Ratchet with a web strap tail with a hook, and a long strap that you will use to tie around your load and through the ratchet hardware.

Tighten Your Ratchet Strap

Put your strap around your load in position to add the ratchet portion with tail and hook.

Put your long strap through the opening of your ratchet buckle facing you. It should be put around the cylinder so that when you move the ratchet buckle back and forth, it tightens. 

Hook the end of the ratchet with the short strap to your truck and then use the ratchet buckle, moving it back and forth to tighten that long strap around your load.

Once your strap is tight enough, close the ratchet.

Loosen Your Ratchet Strap

To release your ratchet strap, just open the ratchet buckle and move the web strap through as you did before you tightened it. 

Practice tightening and loosening your ratchet straps before tying them around your load to get a feel for it. 

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